Volunteer’s FAQs

Volunteer FAQ’S


 Am I required to volunteer if I decide to consign?

No. However, volunteers shop earlier than consignors at the Pre-Sale.

 How long are the volunteer shifts?

Volunteer shifts are 4 hours each. We can break that down to 2 hours one day and 2 hours the next day if you’d like.

 Can I bring my child with me when I volunteer?

No, it would be unsafe to bring children while you work your shift.

 What if I need to cancel?

Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel. If you fail to show up without canceling, you will not be able to volunteer again.

 Can I volunteer if I’m also a consignor?

Yes! You do not need to be a consignor to volunteer. As a volunteer you will get to attend the Volunteer Pre-sale (even before the Consignor Pre-sale.)

 When should I show up for my shift?

Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to sign in and be briefed on your responsibilities.

 When can I sign up?

Check our website, www.Midcoastkidsconsignmentsale.com or our Facebook page regarding when you can sign
up. We will open volunteer shifts at a specific date and time. Volunteer slots are limited and are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

 What should I wear during my volunteer shift?

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. We will provide you with a brown apron.

 Can I bring a guest to the Volunteer Pre-sale?

Yes – one adult, however, they must shop later with the consignors.  Shopping early is a perk only for our volunteers.