Tagging and Preparing your Items

Tagging & Preparing Your Items

How Your Items Should be Tagged:

Shoes and boots may be connected together with cable ties.
Painters tape is used for books and dvd’s. No DUCT tape or clear packing tape.
Note the hangers face left, like a question mark. All clothes must be hung on hangers when brought in.
Use large safety pins to create sets – hang pants like this on the hanger. Please do not use clothespins/paperclips.
Use ziplocs for books. Elastics won’t keep the tags and books together as children take them apart to look through during the public sale.
Use shrink wrap for puzzles to keep the pieces in but still view the item.
We cannot accept items that smell like smoke due to children’s allergies. Launder the clothes and store them in a smoke free environment.
Use 60-70 weight cardstock paper, index card weight. Regular paper is too thin. it won’t withstand the public sale.
Smaller items should be in a ziploc bag. Place clear tape across the top to keep little fingers out.