Sellers FAQs

Seller’s FAQs

 Who can consign their items and become a seller?

Anyone can consign their children’s item with Mid-Coast Kids Consignment Sale. We generally pay more than a consignment store, are more profitable than conducting your own garage sale and avoid the hassles of listing on Craigslist.

 How do I become a consignor?

Click on “Login” on our website. After that you will create a username/password, and begin entering your items as well as generating and printing your tags.

 What percentage of the sales do I receive?

Consignors receive 70% of their sales.

 Do I pay the registration fee in advance?

Yes, it is paid separately using PayPal.

 How often do I pay the consignor fee?

You pay the fee once per sale.

 How long does it take to drop off my items?

30 minutes, depending on how many items you have. You will first sign in and put your items out on the tables, racks and shoe bins.

 How long after the sale will I receive my check?

Within two weeks after the sale by mail.

 Can I see which items have sold?

Yes. Each evening after 9pm (assuming our registers have shut down for the night) you can view your sold items. Log in as you normally would as a consignor. Click on “Sold Items.”

 Can I bring a guest to the Consignor Presale?

No. It is already very crowded with our consignors

 If I become a seller, do I have to work during the sale?

No. However, sellers who work shifts can attend the earlier Pre-sale (which is before the Consignor’s Pre-sale). It is also a lot of fun working with other local moms.

Why is consigning at Mid-Coast Kids Consignment Sale better than having my own garage sale or selling online yard sale sites?

We do all the work! We generally get higher prices than a garage sale (without your having to advertise or work the entire sale), and less hassle meeting up with strangers in parking lots.

 Do you have an item limit for consignors?

Yes, the limit is 400 items.

 Who prices the items?

You! We offer pricing guidelines to help you maximize your profits.

 How should I price my items?

Typically, you should price between 25-30% of what you actually paid. Ask yourself “What would I pay?” Price a bit higher if the item is in mint condition, a boutique/designer brand, OR a high demand item. Price on the low end if it is a more common brand, is gently used or a lower demand item. Better presentation also commands a higher price. While we don’t require clothing items to be pressed, they generally sell better if they are.

 Which items are in high demand and sell the fastest?

Outdoor play equipment, furniture, baby gear (including strollers, high chairs, pack-n-plays). Toddler size clothing as well as designer/boutique brands sell fastest and at higher prices. Outfits sell better than separates.

 Which items are in lower demand and don’t typically sell as fast?

Infant sizes (up to 24 months,) and maternity clothing are the slowest movers and sell for a lower price.

 What hangers can I use?

We accept both wire and plastic hangers, but prefer plastic hangers. Children’s hangers present better for smaller clothes.

 Where can I find hangers?

Check with your local dry cleaners. You can also purchase cheap hangers at discount or dollar stores. Also, check with friends and family to see if they have extras throughout the year.

 Do I get my hangers back?

No. Due to the high sales volume we are unable to return any hangers.

 Is there a deadline for entering items into the system?

Yes – registration will end and a deadline will be given. Usually three days before drop-off day.

 What happens to my unsold inventory in the software after the current sale season?

Nothing. They are still in your inventory as unsold. You will have to delete them if you want to “clear out” your inventory.

 Will I know which items I need to look for at pick up?

You can gauge how many items are left after looking at Friday night’s settlement report.  What has sold on Saturday will not be reflected.

 How do I tag and prepare my items for consignment?

After entering your prices, you will print off your tags (be sure to use white card stock.) Then affix the tags to your items following our tagging guidelines (see the Tagging/Prepping web page). Tags are affixed to clothes on the upper right portion of the garment (while looking at the garment the hanger should look like a question mark) with safety pins. For other items, use clear packing tape and/or ziploc bags.

 Do you inspect items when they come to your sale?

You place your items on the sales floor and in the bins. Our team members will inspect the items on the racks and in bins and will pull rejects throughout the day.  This insures the integrity of our sale. We have high standards, and that means we accept only the best in gently used children’s items. Rejected items will be available for pick up on the last day.

 Do consignors get to shop early? Is there a minimum item count?

Yes, all consignors get to attend the “consignor’s pre-sale” before the sale opens to the public. Check the dates and times on our web page and FB Consignors group page for specifics. You must enter, tag and drop off at least 20 items to be considered for the pre-sale shopping night.

 Do I keep the same consignor number if I do another sale?

Yes, your consignor number is the same for all future sales.

 Do I ever need to re-tag an item?

Yes, if you change a price, edit the description or decide to sell an item at half price (discount) you will need to generate a new tag for that item.

 Do I have to use white card stock for the tags?

Yes, white card stock works the best. The scanners are very sensitive. No colored paper. We do not recommend the use of printer paper or copy paper.

 Can I hand write my tags or change my tags in handwriting after I print the tags?

No. The computer will read only the barcode. Therefore, regardless of what you have handwritten, the check-out computer will only pick up what was originally entered into the tagging system. This is also done as a security measure. If you change a price or a decision to offer at half price, you must re-print the tag.

 How descriptive do I need to be on my tags?

The more descriptive you are the easier it is to match up the item with your tag if your tag should fall off. Mention color, brand, designs, etc. Don’t just type “boys shirt”. Instead type “Old Navy orange/blue stripe with basketball.”

 Where do I put the category boy or girl when entering my tags?

You can choose to put “boy” or “girl” as part of the description or you can put it under the size. For example, “boys blue polo shirt” or “boys size 4T.”

 When I have two items that go together (shirt/pants or glider/ottoman) as a set do I need two tags?

No. You only need one tag. Mention on the tag that this item includes a set of 2 or 3 pieces. Be very descriptive on the tag so that the shopper knows all the pieces that are included.

 I marked my item to be sold at 50% off during the last day and I have changed my mind. What do I do now?

Once you have dropped off your items you cannot change prices. Marking the tag in handwriting will not change it in our system. The computer will read only the bar code.

 I tagged my items to be donated, but now the sale has started I changed my mind. What do I do?

No problem, you can pick them up on Saturday afternoon.

 What items do you NOT accept at the Fall sale?

Acceptable items for a Fall sale vary slightly but as a general rule, we do NOT accept sun dresses, Easter outfits, sleeveless t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops/sandals or beach wear.

 What items do you NOT accept at the Spring sale?

Acceptable items for a Spring sale vary slightly but as a general rule, we do NOT accept winter coats, corduroys, sweaters, anything with fleece/fur, holiday outfits, Halloween costumes, boots, mittens/hats, ski pants.

 Do you accept cribs?


 Do I need to put my items on the sales floor after inspection?

Yes, you will have to do that. Shoes in the bins, clothes go on the racks and toys on the toy tables. Team members will be walking around assisting.

 Should I need to assemble my large items?

Yes. Shoppers like to see that all the pieces are there and everything works. Items sell better when they are completely assembled. For example: pack-n-plays, bassinets, tents, outdoor toys, etc.

 I cannot make it during your drop off hours. Can someone else drop off my items for me?

Yes. However, they still must follow the drop off procedures including inspection time, bringing your envelope and Seller’s Agreement.

 I have so many items, I can’t make it in one trip?

No problem – make two trips.

 I cannot make it during your pick up hours. Can someone else pick up my items for me?

Yes. They will need your name and consignor number to be able to pick up your items. NOTE: It is difficult for a friend/family member to pick up your items because they are not familiar with what you brought to the sale.

 I forgot or am unable to pick up my unsold items at the designated time. Can I get them from you another day?

No. All left over items are donated immediately at the end of the sale. Regretfully, we cannot store them. If you are unable to pick up your items during the allotted pick up time, we suggest you do not participate in this season’s event.

 I have changed my mind and would like to donate my unsold items even though it was not marked on the tag to donate?

No problem. Any leftover items that are not picked up will be donated. You do not need to contact us.

 Where do donated items go after the sale?

We have partnered with five local non-profits to donate the remaining items from the sale. We announce those on our Facebook page and what their specialty is.

 What should I do if I registered to consign but cannot participate?

Please e-mail us to let us know you are not coming. We can then open registration for another family that would like to participate. We have limited slots. We will not be able to refund your registration fee.

 How do I get the sale items to you?

We offer convenient drop off times a few days before the public sale. Be sure to click on “Drop Off” on the software program. Drop off generally takes 30 minutes and you will unload your items into the rink.

 When do I pick up my items after the sale?

Between 2-4pm on Saturday afternoon. Items left after the pick up times are donated to charity. Regretfully, we cannot hold back items for a later pick up.