How to Tag Items


How to Tag Items


Welcome! Thank you for registering to consign with Mid-Coast Kids Consignment Sale. We are Mid-Coast Maine’s fastest growing consignment event. It’s no wonder, with 70% of the profits headed right back into your pocket. We also have a low registration fee and easy to use software to get you on your way, quickly. Whether you are a new or experienced consignor we have put together some quick tips, links and tips to remember as you prepare for the sale.

   Materials You Will Need:

White card stock paper – found at Walmart, Target, Staples
Ziploc bags – gallon and 2 gallon sizes (for small toys and parts)
Safety pins
Blue painters tape
Clear packing tape
Computer / laptop with access to the internet (does not work well with a smart phone or tablet)
Zip ties

   Consignment Limits:

Each sale has a different set of limits – usually maternity wear, shoes or overall limits. Check the “Seller’s” page to see what limits are set for this seasons sale.

   Declined Items:

Items that are tagged or hung incorrectly
Clothes that are the wrong season
Items with strong smoke, mildew or other smells
Clothes that are stained, faded, dirty, worn out, pants with knees worn out, holes
Large equipment that is stained, dirty or recalled.

   All Game Pieces Must be included for:

– Games
– Toys
– Puzzles
– Lego sets (if sold as a complete set) This does not include random bags of Lego pieces
– All electronics MUST be in working order including games, systems and accessories.
– All battery operated toys and equipment must be working with batteries. The dollar stores are a great source for batteries

This extra step gives shoppers the confidence to purchase items in these categories. The worst thing that can happen is when someone purchases an item and it is NOT in working condition or have all the pieces (especially puzzles). Please help us ensure we are offering the best selection each and every season.

   Quick Success Tips:

– organize all your items by size and gender. Keep them like that until you drop them off.
– organize your toys with “like items”
– all clothing must be hung on hangers. Be sure you are hanging your clothes correctly. HERE
– accessories/toys can be quickly tagged by having all your supplies nearby.
– if you check “donate” in the software, they will automatically be marked DISCOUNT (thank you for your donations)
– work in stages. We all need deadlines (I know I do). Work in stages to get everything you want in the sale this season.
– you may make multiple trips to drop off. However, select just one on check-in time. HERE
– anyone may drop off your items, please be sure they know your consignor #

   Discounting Items:

The software system allows you to set your own prices for your items. It also allows you to discount your items to 50% on the last day of the sale. The computer will automatically make the discount if you check the box when you are entering that item. I know when I bring my items to a consignment sale, I don’t want them back! I would rather receive some money at 50% off than no money. When you check your settlement report, you can view your items and how much they sold for (pull price or half price) and on which day they were sold. This will give you an idea of how many items get sold on the last day. Shoppers are looking for good deals and this is one of many ways to accomplish that!

   Donating Items:

Another alternative is to donate your items at the end of the sale. If you like that idea, check the “Donate” box right under the discount box. If you check donate, the discount box will automatically be checked yes as well. Your tags will print with a D on them in the lower right hand corner. At the end of the sale, this D tells our staff that your item is being donated and will go in a box for various non-profit organizations.

   How To Enter Items:

1) Go to Enter Items: Either click on the Enter items link provided on the screen or go to the Enter Items Tab on the top middle of the screen. Look at the “Add/Remove/Edit Items” screen.
2) Select Sale: Select the correct Season/Year you are entering items for. As long as you continue to enter items, you will not need to reselect this item. If you go to another screen, the system will reset itself and you will need to re-select it.
3) Price: The price can be selected either by mouse or by typing in the digits (which is faster). Take a few moments to familiarize how the prices are set up.
4) Discount: Check YES or leave it empty for NO. If you choose YES, then all items with YES will be discounted on the sale’s discount day. It will be 50% off. The Seller number automatically populates so you won’t have to type that in.
5) Size: Choose the size either with your mouse or by typing in the first digit of the size you want (which is faster). Familiarize how the sizes are set up.
6) Description: Be careful to stay in the box provided. Try not to use capital letters. Type in the brand name on this line. Let’s say you have 10 Gymboree items. Type Gymboree in the 1st description line and give more details on the 2nd line. Another example for the first Description Line is “New” or Gently Worn, etc.
Don’t type your letters too close to the edge of the description box or you will overrun the tag. Use the second description line to complete your description.
7) Category: Choose the Category either with your mouse or by typing in the first letter of the category you want (which is faster). Familiarize how the categories are set up.
8) Click on “Add Item” OR click the Enter button. The system will add the item to the bottom of the screen for you to view and will automatically save the item.

PLEASE NOTE: all of your items are added to the bottom below the entry. If you leave this tab or are timed out, then all of the items at the bottom of the page will disappear. DO NOT WORRY. They are still in the database and can be accessed via the the Manage Inventory Screen.

The system will time you out after it remains idle for 15 minutes.

   How can I make the entering of items even more efficient?

– Plan a small chunk of time to tag your items. 15-30 minutes
– Sort your items before you enter them by GENDER then SIZE. It will save you time in the end.
– Use the Tab button instead of the mouse when moving from one field to the next. Click on “Enter” when complete.
– Type your choices instead of choosing the field with your mouse.

   How to edit an item

If you make an error or need to correct an item, click on “Edit Item” or go to the Manage Inventory Tab. It is better to Edit the item than to remove it.

   A note about Removing Items

If you remove an item from your account, the system will delete this item permanently and you cannot get that number back.

There are two purposes for this button. 1) for those sellers who do not care about the item number sequence and would rather delete it than fool with editing it and 2) for after a sale when you have donated
and sold all of your items and you want to start at item #1 for your next sale.


   Generating Tags

Go to the Print Tags tab or click on the “Print Tags” link provided on the top right of the screen.

Next, Generate your Items List:
1. Select the items to view: Go to the yellow box on the left and select the items you want to view. You can use the different selections to help you reduce how many items you need to click to print. For instance, you have five ways to help you sort your items: Printed, not Printed, Sold and Not Sold and Donated. (I.E. If you have already printed some items, then use the second button, so you will only view those items that have not printed.)
2. Select the correct Sale Name/Season/Year for the items you want to print.
3. Click on “Generate Items List”.

Generate the Tags and Save in .PDF format:
1. Select the items you want to print. Just click in the box next to the item or click on the “Check All” box. Take note of how many items can print on a page and only print increments of those items at one time. For example, if your tag has 8 tags to a page, then print enough items to fit evenly so you do not waste paper. (I.E. 64 items will print 8 pages of tags evenly.)
2. Click on “Generate Tags”. The system will tell you how many tags you have selected. If you have selected less than the number of tags allowed on a page, you can cancel and reselect enough tags to fill the page. If it is correct now, click OK.
3. Click on the link to generate your pdf tags. It looks like a long name/number that is underlined on the yellow line (it ends in PDF). Click once and wait if your computer has a slow connection. If left clicking on the link does not work for you, then right click on the link. Then click on Open and it will pull up your tags.
4. If the system prompts you for a print code, then you have logged into the wrong website. Always login to the system from the Mid-Coast Kids Consignment Sale website.
5. View your pdf tags. You will see what your tags will look like on the screen. If you are not satisfied with the tags, discard the .PDF, back out and fix any errors before printing by going to Manage Inventory.
6. NO .PDF TAGS? Try right clicking on your mouse while you are on the link. If this does not work, please contact

   Save your Tags

Save your pdf file. You can save the final PDF document to your computer and print whenever you want by going to the upper left hand corner and click on File. Choose Save from the drop down menu and save in your C: drive. Notice how many pages it says you will be printing and make sure you have enough cardstock paper in the tray.

   Printing Tips

Here are three tips to help you print off fantastic tags:

– Load your printer with CARDSTOCK paper (White) About 60-67# weight. Do not print on regular photocopy paper. The tags will tear and wrinkle. Press OK. Tags will print with the barcode.

– Use NORMAL or DRAFT print setting – Best quality is too dark and causes the barcodes to bleed – the sellers need to test one page of tags and make sure the barcodes are crisp and clear and not bleeding.

– If you use a color printer, select “Black Cartridge Only” from the printing properties screen. Otherwise, the tags can appear purple and blurry.

   How to Print Tags

1. Go to the upper left hand corner of the .pdf screen and click on File and then click on print. When the print screen pops ups, click on Properties and make sure you are on Normal setting (NOT best quality).
2. ERROR Printing? Make sure that the barcode prints crisp and clear and the lines do not bleed together. If they do bleed together or you cannot see white lines between the barcode, then reprint using a lower print quality – such as the draft setting.

   What Next?

Cut the tags apart. Attach them to your clothes with safety pins or tape for toys, Ziploc bags, books etc. Make sure the item and tag match.  Need help? Check out our photos of tagged items in the “Sellers” page. Viola! You are done. Bring your items to Drop-Off day and watch them sell like hotcakes. 🙂