How does it work?


Yes! I want to
participate – but how?

  • Register as a consignor here and make 70% of the selling price
  • A $10 non-refundable registration fee applies. We use PayPal for this.
  • Price your items using our online tagging system
  • Drop your items off during our drop off days
  • Attend the Consignor PRE-SALE which is before we open to the public. MUST drop off at least 20 items minimum to shop.
  • Pick up your unsold items during your pick-up time, and wait for your check to arrive in the mail within two weeks

Important Date: Registration and entering items deadline is September 29th, 11:59pm.

Seller Agreement HERE

Volunteer Agreement HERE

Consignor Tips

We accept boys clothes up to size 18/20.  We accept infant to Juniors sizes for girls. Make sure your items are newly washed, pressed and neatly hung. The better they look, the better they sell.  Replace missing buttons, zip zippers and include any accessories that originally came with the item.

Must enter, tag and drop off at least 20 items minimum to be considered for the pre-sale.

We have a $2 minimum set for our lowest price. If you have items that are worth less, combine the shirt with pants and make a set, or add more books in your ziploc. This will cut down on inventory while increasing our quality.  

Do not bring clothes that are outdated or have pet hair, stains or holesWe only accept high quality clothes and items. Please do not bring clothes that smell of cigarette smoke, marijuana or pets.  If you have items you want to bring, launder them, use a lint brush for any pet hair, and store them in a smell-free environment in plastic bags. If they are stored in your garage, wash them first.

Tag all your items using white card stock – 60 to 67 lb paper works best.  Index card weight.  Regular paper won’t withstand the sale.  We cannot accept any item at the sale that has not been entered and tagged through the software system.

Hang all clothing on hangers (children’s hangers work the best – especially for baby’s clothes, but we will allow adult size hangers for bigger kids clothes).  Hangers can be purchased at discount or dollar stores.

Inspect your clothes in full light or sunlight. The arena has BRIGHT fluorescent lights and all stains will show. We don’t want you to waste your time pulling items, entering them and tagging them to be turned down at Drop Off due to stains and wear on the knees.  Shoes need to be like new and no wear, certainly no mud or dirt.

It’s best to use a full size laptop or computer to input your items in the software system.  Smart phones and tablets are not recommended-either for their size or the software used.

Transferring Items 

To transfer items from one sale to another,  print off and follow this checklist “How to Transfer Items to this season“.  You can transfer up to 216 items at one time and you won’t need to reprint your tags unless you want to edit the description or change the price. Be aware that you should transfer your items FIRST so you stay under the total limit, then add items. Speaking of limits….


TOTAL number of items allowed – 400, 200 of which can be clothes

Books – 50 per consignor

Maternity clothes – 5 piece limit per consignor.

We are accepting Junior clothes or up to size 18.

Shoes – 20 pairs per consignor TOTAL. (this includes slippers, cowboy boots, flipflops, rainboots etc..)

Infant clothes – newborn to 24 month (including the 24 months) 20 piece limit per size, per gender.

What does the Registration deadline mean?

The software system will shut down at 11:59PM on the date listed.  This cut off means you cannot enter any more items or delete items.  ALL your items must be in by then if you plan to sell them at this particular sale.  You cannot make changes to the items or your inventory.  You can view your items and print the tags off but that’s about it.  You also cannot register to sell for that sale after the deadline. You cannot change your work shifts or your drop off appointments.

Drop-Off Day

The Drop-Off times for the FALL 2021 sale will be:

Oct 2  12noon -8pm

Oct 3   9am-1pm

  • No appointment time, come when you want. Expect lines at noon.
  • Bring a stamped self-addressed envelope for your check.
  • Allow 30 minutes to drop off
  • Bring your Consignor Agreement and Team Member Agreement

You will hang the items yourself and put out your toys/shoes as we do not have the volunteer staff to put out all 25,000 items.

Attend the Pre-sale event!

The Pre-Sale Event is held after all the inventory is in, the racks/tables are full and we are ready for shoppers. Rockstar Sellers get first opportunity to shop on Monday night at 5pm, then Volunteers at 6:30pm.  Consignors shop on Tuesday night 5pm and 6pm. This is still before the public. It is a busy time as ladies know exactly what they are shopping for.  For this reason, we have a few policies in place to help you.

  • NO children allowed, unless worn in a carrier.
  • No guests allowed. Just the consignor or team member at the allotted time.
  • No strollers. Its super crowded already.
  • Consignors sign up for a shopping appointment time – FCFS

Check your Settlement Report throughout the sale

As the sale goes on, consignors can log into the software and see what items have been sold (or not). This is called a Settlement Report. The report will also tell you if the items sold at full price or discount price. It will tell you the number of items you had total and the number of items that sold.  The data is uploaded nightly through out the sale. The monetary amount listed at the bottom on the final day of the sale is the amount you can expect to see you on your consignor check in the mail.

Pick Up Day

Pick up of unsold items will be your responsibility.  Pick up dates for the 2021 Sale will be October 9th,  2-4 pm.  We do not sort clothes or itemsPlease bring totes or baskets to collect your items. We CANNOT hold your items after the pick up date.  Any items not picked up after the designated time promptly become the property of MCKCS and will be donated.

Your check will be mailed to you within 2 weeks of the close of the sale.  You will receive your check for 70% of your items.  All checks must be deposited within 30 days or it will be cancelled.

We have a “No Discrepancy” policy. We try very hard to keep track of your items, scan them and sell them for you. If they go missing or are not available at pick up, we are not held liable.  Using card stock (instead of regular copier paper) will help with that and LOTS OF TAPE. When tags go missing, we cannot identify an owner or sell it.  It will be donated to charity and thus, not listed on your inventory as sold.  This discrepancy in your inventory are the items you actually receive back after the sale is over is vs. what your inventory print out says.